Message from Les Jones, CEO, about how i2 is supporting the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Dear Customers, Colleagues, and Friends

Like you all and along with the rest of the world, I’m watching the horror of unprovoked Russian military attacks unfolding across Ukraine, and wholeheartedly condemn these acts of aggression and violence against freely democratic people and its country over the last 21 days.

Many of you may know that I live in Poland along with my wife Natalia and our two children, and we are seeing first-hand the effects this conflict is having here in Poland. My heart breaks witnessing this humanitarian crisis, seeing so many people’s lives devastated, shattered by this unprovoked, senseless conflict.

I also see the depth of global human compassion from so many people coming together to support the displaced Ukrainian people, I have received many requests as to how people can help with the humanitarian effort. I am in contact with the British Embassy alongside humanitarian charities to best understand how we can support on the ground here in Poland.

Given our extensive European logistics we are supporting transportation of aid from the UK to Ukraine, we are happy to support you should you wish to contribute to these efforts. As a business we will be organising several company fundraising events and the business will match all monies raised to be donated to the World Food Programme (

For further information with regards to supporting this initiative, please contact:
Marian Jones
Natalie Freeland

Natalia Szwed

I also want to give all necessary assurances that our laboratory operations in Poland remain completely unaffected and fully operational, we are fully supporting our Ukrainian staff and their families during these times.

I believe in the power of many and hope that in reading this you can find ways to support the Ukrainian people and collectively influence peace and stability throughout Europe.

Best wishes, take care and thank you.

Les Jones
CEO i2 Analytical group

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