Soil Testing at i2 Analytical

Soil Testing Lab Services at i2 Analytical

A comprehensive range of soil testing services is provided for a variety of industry sectors from our specialist environmental testing lab facilities.

Our testing laboratories have been built to operate on a 24 hour basis, processing large volumes of samples to tight reporting deadlines.

We can accept soil  samples originating from across the globe and recommend that our ‘Enviro Sample Kit’ is used in such instances to ensure the integrity and quality control of samples. We also provide clients with a full range of soil testing containers.  Soil sample collection services are operated across the UK and Europe (including evening and Saturday collections) or further afield as required.

We routinely undertake environmental testing analyses for contaminated land, top soil, borehole and surface water and gas monitoring assessments.  In addition, we can also perform soil bio-availability testing, WAC testing and leachate analyses. i2 Analytical can accept soil, groundwater, surface water, sewage and effluents, leachates, gases, dust, asbestos and waste materials samples for environmental testing.

At i2 we understand that saving time on site is very important, we use minimal sample volumes for soils which helps to save time on your sampling.

Analytical capability and the range of analyses are extensive and we can provide clients with:

  • A comprehensive range of soil analysis
  • One off soil and environmental sample analyses
  • Customised testing suites and reporting at competitive rates
  • Fast tracked projects
  • Standard turnaround 7 working days ( or shorter if agreed)
  • High rate of reliability for the delivery of results
  • Portfolios of on-going projects (site investigation and remediation)
  • Large volume throughput projects
  • Long term contract work (at set preferential rates)
  • UKAS and MCERTS accredited analysis and reporting
  • Client-friendly and expert customer support
  • Free courier service and free sample packaging materials
  • BS 3882:2015 Topsoil analysis and BS 8601 Subsoil analysis on a standard 7 day turnaround