Dust monitoring Bergerhoff Gauges to measure dust deposition

The Bergerhoff Gauge dust monitoring instrument is used on location and designed to measure for dust deposition, usually quoted as mg/m2/day.

The collector is a 1.5 litre PET bottle with a neck diameter of 90 mm, so its area is 0.00636 m2.

If the gauge collect W mg in D days, the the deposition rate is given by:

Dust Deposition = W/0.00636/D or [157.2*W]/D mg/m2/day

For example, if 14mg were collected in 28 days, the result would be:

Deposition: [157.2*14]/28 = 78.6 mg/m2/day

Bergerhoff - Dust Monitoring - i2 Analytical

Contents of kit

  Main assembly consisting of plastic-coated stand with removable bird guard and bottle holder
  Overall height 2m and weight approximately 6kg
  1.5-litre PET collecting bottle (aperture 93mm)
  Spare 1.5-litre PET collecting bottle with cap, as above
  Allen key

General construction and aperture size in accordance with the German standard VDI 2199

  Bird guard reduces risk of polluted samples from bird strikes
  Removable upper section for easy transportation or replacement
  1.5-litre bottle will accommodate 225mm rain.
  Low-cost PET bottles have caps with a waterproof foil liner
  Guy rope attachments for extra security and stability
  Plastic coating of steel frame gives durability in hostile environments
  Optional cylindrical sticky pad adaptor 100mm dia x 150mm high can be clamped to the stem, permitting directional sampling

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