Dry Foam Frisbee-type Dust Deposit Gauges (additional Directional Sticky Pad adaptor available on request)

This instrument is designed to measure dust deposition, usually quoted as mg/sq m/day

The collector is an anodised aluminium device looking like an inverted Frisbee. It has an operational diameter of 227mm so its area is 0.04 m2.

If the gauge collects W mg in D days, then the deposition rate is given by:

Deposition = [24.7*W]/D  mg/m2/day

For example, if 175mg were collected in 30 days, the result would be:

Deposition = [24.7*175]/30 = 144.1 mg/m2/day

Contents of kit

 Black powder-coated tripod with heavy-duty rubber feet
 Anodized aluminium frisbee-type collector with 227mm diameter aperture
 5-litre HDPE collecting bottle (optional 10-litre on request
 Stainless steel / nylon bird guard
 Polyester foam dust trap
 Spare dust trap and bottle
 Allen key, 2.5mm
 Optional sticky pad adaptor
 Weight approx. 8kg

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