Enviro Sample Kit for sample transportation

With a greater emphasis now on ‘deviating samples’ driven primarily by the laboratory Committee of European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) with enforcement from UKAS, laboratories now have to follow stricter guidelines when reporting ‘deviating samples’.

We believe our newly designed Enviro Samples Kits go a long way in resolving some of the quality issues that can arise during sampling and transportation.

Our Enviro Sample Kit:

  Maintain samples at 8 °C

  Have built in data loggers recording temperature hourly

  Protect samples during transportation

  Generally require smaller sample volumes

With two European based laboratories, and with import licenses for control materials and samples, i2 are able to accept samples, quickly and conveniently, from anywhere in the world.

Recent projects have seen us working across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and South Africa.