CBR and Plate Load Testing

CBR Testing & Plate Load Testing at i2 Analytical

To enable design of pavement construction and to determine the ground bearing capacity, i2 Analytical can provide fully trained and UKAS Accredited CBR and Plate Load Testing to facilitate your testing requirements.

The Nominal CBR (California Bearing Ratio) based on IAN73/06, allows for the Modulus of Subgrade Reaction to be accessed and therefore the designed CBR value to be calculated. This method evolved from the California Division of Highways in the late 1920’s and is still in use today.

The Nominal CBR is predominately used on material with a nominal size >20mm and requires kentledge (plant) provided by the client as a reaction force. If, however, the material under test as a nominal size <20mm, then i2 Analytical, with its fleet of 4×4 vehicles can offer the Plunger CBR which does not require Kentledge and therefor freeing up plant on site.

To evaluate the suitability of the ground for seating cranes and piling rigs, then the plate load test as per BS1377-9 will give a rapid assessment of the ground under test. Technical data provided by the client will allow for i2 to replicate bearing pressures and provide reassurance that any crane or piling rig will not cause the ground to shear and or fail.

Recent changes to the Highways Design Manual for Road & Bridges (DMRB) have removed the Nominal Plate CBR from its publications and have, in its place instigated the TRL DCP, Lightweight Deflectometer and Laboratory CBR.

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