i2 Analytical integrates the benefits of its locations into one package and we support a diverse range of clients across a variety of global environmental projects.

We work with:

  • Environmental consultants
  • Geotechnical consultants
  • Site investigation contractors
  • Remediation contractors
  • Regeneration and property developers
  • Asbestos management consultants
  • Development agencies
  • Local government and regulatory authorities
  • Electronics, pharmaceutical, biochemistry and clinical research centres


  • Construction
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Oil & Gas
  • Leisure and Facilities management
  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Health and Leisure
  • Financial Services

What We Do

We also offer a wide range of analytical services, including

For each of the above areas of expertise we can provide:

  • One-off samples
  • Fast track projects
  • Portfolio of on-going projects (site investigation and remediation)
  • Large volume throughput projects
  • Long term contract work (at set preferential rates)
Our clients and industries