Air, Vapour & Particulates Testing at i2 Analytical

Air Testing Services at i2 Analytical

As part our wider environmental testing services, i2 Analytical are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of Air Testing analysis from filters, sorbent tubes, passive badges, thermal desorption tubes and Summa canisters in accordance with ISO, BS EN, MDHS, NIOSH and OSHA methodologies for aerosols, vapour and particulates, occupational hygiene analysis as well as specialist materials testing.

With purpose built laboratories and sample reception centres in the UK and Poland, we pride ourselves in continuously innovating and driving value for customers by investing in the newest of technologies and instrumentation.

In addition, we operate a dedicated fleet of vehicles providing reassurance that your air samples will be transported safely and reliably to our laboratory.

Specifically we can offer a range of air monitoring supporting:

Environmental and Workplace Air
Our laboratory has extensive capability for air analysis of samples collected from soil vapours, background emissions and workplace environments to support our clients occupational hygiene analysis and environmental monitoring surveys and investigations.

Soil Vapour / Landfill Gas
Our UKAS scope of accreditation includes over 65 compounds with <0.5ppbv detection limits. We are able provide air analysis on a rapid turnaround upon prior request dependent upon laboratory capacity. We have invested heavily in the latest technology in the form of Summa Canisters. Our unique branded safe storage boxes provide peace of mind that your Summa canister will be protected during transportation from your site to our laboratory, allowing you to use the latest technique on your site.

Dust monitoring equipment
In 2018 i2 Analytical acquired the rights to Ian Hanby dust monitoring equipment. We are able to hire and sell Frisbee, Bergerhoff and Directional Dust Gauges. In addition, we are able to offer the installation and servicing of gauges, sticky pads and readers.

Emissions from Materials
i2 Analytical is able to provide Micro-Chamber services to sample VOCs or SVOCs emitted from products and materials. Its applications are numerous including; screening of construction and raw materials, screening of vehicle trim components, profiling of VOCs / SVOCs in E-cigarette vapours, odour profiling of foods, tabacco and consumer products, analysis of compounds released from incense sticks, mosquito coils and food decomposition analysis.

Air analysis of materials using a Micro-Chamber provides cost effective, rapid and convenient testing for efficient quality control, whilst complying with international standards and methodologies.