Summa Canisters at i2 Analytical

i2 Analytical have added Summa canisters to its air monitoring capabilities to support its clients and projects in the UK and Europe.

From our highly skilled laboratory, we can provide a standard 5 day turnaround with a faster 3 day turnaround available upon request depending on laboratory capacity. Our UKAS scope of accreditation includes over 65 compounds with <0.5ppbv detection limits. Our dedicated logistics team can provide delivery and collection of Summa canisters to locations throughout the UK and Europe. Unique to the industry our branded safe storage boxes provide peace of mind that your summa canister will be protected during transportation from your site to our laboratory.

What are Summa Canisters?
A Summa canister is constructed of specially treated stainless steel designed for collecting a whole air sample.

Compared to Tedlar® bags and Sorbent Tubes, a Summa canister is far superior to use and does not require a separate pump. Opening the stainless steel valve allows the air sample to enter the canister over a specific period of time, without the need of any ancillary equipment. When the sample has been collected, the valve is closed and the canister is returned to the laboratory. The canister is prepared for sampling by evacuating the contents to a vacuum of approximately 30 inches of mercury (in/Hg).

Why use a Summa canister?
A summa canister enables multiple injections out of the same sample (including dilutions) without compromising the sample
Analytes stable for 21 days minimum *
No adsorption efficiencies to worry about or tube suitability selection
No pumps needed on site.
Facilitates 8 hr TWA sampling or grab sample
‘Bulk gas’ analysis can be carried out from the same sample
Ideal for unknown compound sampling

* with the exception of vinyl acetate @ 18 days

Summa capability for Air Monitoring brochure