Message from CEO (i2 Analytical Group) – Brexit Update

Dear customers and valued partners,

With the uncertainty around the on-going discussions with the European Union over the EU/UK trade agreement, I wanted to reassure you of measures planned to support continuity of service levels in relation to Brexit and specifically with regards to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

We recognise that the current uncertainties are causing potential concern and therefore would like to provide an update on the measures we have put in place across our services. For your comfort, we can reassure you that we are constantly evaluating the situation and have implemented the following key actions to ensure our service levels and quality systems are maintained.

In order to reduce and minimise potential delays at the border controls, we have appointed customs agents in a number of EU jurisdictions to ensure all paper work documentation (customer declarations) are promptly and correctly processed. From the 1st January we will be implementing the following;

  • We have 3 extra vehicles with refrigerated compartments which leave the UK daily from several UK ports aside from Calais (we have been successfully piloting this over the previous 12 months). The vehicles deliver to our expanded ‘change over’ depot in Essen Germany en route to the Laboratory.
  • Tracking software; we have updated our vehicle tracking software (available to customers) to give detailed timelines of expected lab delivery.
  • Expanded work shift patterns across our 7 UK sites, to support faster sample flow in the logistics process.
  • Increased our Polish Laboratory capacity with 50 new people in order to support the production platform across our 16 hour shift system.

We are confident all our logistics systems have been well considered and established in order to reduce and mitigate the impact of delays at the border controls.

Our management team are constantly reviewing the position in conjunction with advice from our customs agents to ensure we continue to take all possible steps to support continued service levels.

I hope this gives you comfort that we have extensive planning in place to support our customers and key suppliers supporting our service continuity from 1st January 2021. I appreciate that there may well be further questions and concerns and am happy to answer these wherever possible. In due course I will also be making announcements regarding our future UK investment strategy to provide additional support and solutions for our customers.

Finally, I wish you and your families a safe and wonderful Christmas with best wishes for a prosperous 2021.

Yours sincerely
Les Jones, CEO i2 Analytical group


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