Waste to Energy, including RDF/SRF/Biomass

At i2, we have set up a solid fuels testing facility which has been specially configured to meet the high standards demanded by the energy from waste industry, whilst maintaining the flexibility that supports new innovations in this technologically demanding market.

How can i2 help?

Collection and Transport
Prompt collection of samples from site by i2 courier, together with immediate attention at the laboratory, ensures sample integrity particularly in respect of moisture increase through fermentation.

Sample Preparation
The non- homogenous nature of the fuels necessitates great attention being paid to preparation of a laboratory sample which is truly representative of the batch.  i2 have invested in state -of -the art shredding and grinding equipment which is operated by staff who have been specifically trained to accredited Standard Operating Procedures.

Report Formats
i2 are able to customise the report format so that compliance with the required fuel specification can easily be checked.

With a drive towards a greener economy government regulations are now encouraging the re-use of wastes. Traditionally landfill has been used extensively for the disposal of many wastes, but now these wastes are often considered a valuable commodity. The wastes are typically treated in a Materials Recycling Facility where the materials that can be readily recycled are separated for re-use and any residual waste can then be used as a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF); some material may be viable as a Biomass energy source.  These can then be used as feedstocks for energy from waste plants equipped with the technology to recovery the energy and delivery electricity.

What We Do

We also offer a wide range of analytical services, including

For each of these areas of expertise we can provide:

  • One-off samples
  • Fast track projects
  • Portfolio of on-going projects (site investigation and remediation)
  • Large volume throughput projects
  • Long term contract work (at set preferential rates)