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Waste Testing and Waste Classification

From the 30th April 2020, the withdrawal of RPS 211 means that unless an accurate waste classification of excavations from utilities installation and repair is carried out to an Environmental Agency (EA) approved protocol, all waste must be classified as hazardous.

The transport and disposal route for hazardous waste is costly on both management time and treatment. It will therefore be crucial to correctly manage and classify all excavated waste before its disposal. If waste is not classified it will be treated as hazardous, this will mean that a higher fee will be charged for its disposal.

Excavation from utility operations can involve penetration through several different strata (asphalt, sub base, natural ground) each individually contaminated.  Also contamination can vary according to site history.

The EA will require a protocol for waste classification of excavated waste to be submitted and approved from April 2020.

Waste Testing – How can i2 help?

i2 Analytical laboratories have extensive experience of waste testings and provide an EWC code based on the laboratory results

Waste Acceptance Criteria, WAC testing*

i2’s owner-operated sample collection service is available throughout the UK –usually at one day’s notice. We provide all sample containers and documentation

Our technical staff are available to discuss waste classification sampling protocols and waste testing regimes

We can provide training in sample-taking and submission

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For further information on waste testing, waste classification, the withdrawal of (RPS) 211 or any other hazardous waste related queries, please call +44 (0)1923 225404 or click here.

*Please note that Waste Acceptance Criteria testing, associated with disposal to landfill, although it may provide useful information, cannot be used alone for waste classification.

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