PCBs at i2 analytical servicesPolychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are man-made organic chemical compounds created by the chlorination of biphenyl.There are 209 possible configurations, known as congeners, plus a number of industrial mixtures, marketed as Aroclors.PCBs (and PCTs, polychlorinated terphenyls) were widely used as dielectric and coolant fluids, for example in electrical apparatus, cutting fluids for machining operations, carbon paper and in heat transfer fluids.

In addition to all PCB 209 congeners, we test for:

Industrial PCB Aroclors

  • 1016,
  • 1221,
  • 1232,
  • 1242,
  • 1254,
  • 1260,
  • 1262
  • 1268

Industrial PCT Aroclors

  • 5432,
  • 5442
  • 5460

What We Do

We also offer a wide range of analytical services, including

For each of the above areas of expertise we can provide:

  • One-off samples
  • Fast track projects
  • Portfolio of on-going projects (site investigation and remediation)
  • Large volume throughput projects
  • Long term contract work (at set preferential rates)