Environmental forensics

Environmental Forensics at i2 Analytical

i2 has created an unique Environmental Forensics facility specialising in the analysis of trace levels of organic pollutants in a huge variety of environmental and other matrices.

International Reach

With two European based laboratories, and with import licenses for control materials and samples, i2 are able to accept samples, quickly and conveniently, from anywhere in the world to our Environmental Forensics laboratory.

i2 pioneered sample transportation with the Enviro Sample Kit (ESK) and we have taken this pioneering spirit further and developed our analytical methodologies to use the lowest sample volumes possible. This not only reduces costs for shipping but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation of samples.

Recent projects have seen us working across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and South Africa.

Project Planning

Having assisted with complex decontamination issues, site demolition and site remediation work in the past for major agrichemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies, not to mention international consultants , we have the expertise to advise clients on the best possible analytical practices.

We are able to discuss testing requirements, sample sizes, holding times etc. and more often than not can save our clients money by consolidating testing and focussing in on critical analysis and reducing non-essential work. Best of all, the service is free!