5-Batch Analysis and Technical Material Impurity Profiling

5 Batches of the Pesticide Technical material are analysed according to FAO/APVMA/EU Health and Consumer Protection specifications. Comprehensive reporting on method validation, active ingredient content, applicable physical specifications, relevant and non-relevant impurities, and total sample content is provided. Chromatograms, figures and tables are included.

Active Ingredient Determination

The concentration of the active ingredient is performed using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry or High Performance Liquid Chromatography with a wide variety of columns to separate the compound of interest from any interference. Uncertainty of measurement, based on the Eurachem/CITAC Guide is reported together with the result. To ensure accuracy of the final result, each sample is analysed in triplicate.

Physical Tests on Pesticide Formulations

Physical performance characteristics of formulated products are evaluated according to CIPAC/WHO methods and include; persistent foaming, suspensibility, emulsifiability, wettability, density, pH, particle size, storage stability, moisture content, accelerated Ageing, and many more.

Alongside standard parameters the laboratory can modify any of their current methods to suit a client’s particular requirement.

Identification of Unknown Compounds

Qualitative analysis of unknown compounds as well as impurities and contaminants in pesticide formulations is undertaken using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) – the ‘gold standard’ in qualitative analysis.