Reports Delivered On Time

We aim to report results as early as possible on the due date (if not before).

Our average delivery of results reported on time for the month of June were 98%, of which 55% were reported by 2pm.

Proficiency Testing Schemes

Proficiency Testing Schemes September 2019 Update

Proficiency Testing Schemes

These are externally run and monitored exercises which any laboratory must undertake successfully in order to maintain accreditation. i2 participate in three (Contest, Aquacheck and AIMS/AISS) and consistently pass with scores >90%, regularly achieving a 100% successful compliance.

i2 Analytical Proficiency Testing Summary 2018


% Compliance Figures for Proficiency Testing Schemes September 2019 Update

For further information about Proficiency Testing schemes or our participation please follow this link or contact our customer service team who will be happy to help.

Client Feedback Questionnaire

As part of our UKAS accreditation we are required to obtain feedback from our clients.  The chart above summarises this data into an overall satisfaction score.

The overall client experience score for the second quarter – April – June 2019 (inclusive).

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