i2 Analytical add electric vans to fleet of vehicles

At i2 Analytical we strive in providing a high level of service whilst committing to sustainability and our carbon footprint. We are therefore pleased to announce the addition of electric vans to our dedicated fleet of logistics vehicles!

Our new vans are 100% electric with zero emissions, meaning that each journey we make is friendlier and cleaner to the environment. Electric vehicles emit lower amounts of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, in turn contributing to improved air quality in our towns and cities.

Our electric vans will be supporting our London based collections, however as the needs of the business continue to grow we will be extending our electric vans across our services and locations.

For delivery of containers and sample collections in the UK, please email: logistics@i2analytical.com or call our dedicated logistics team on 01923 639962.

Hopefully you will see our new vans at your site soon!

Electric Vans at i2 Analytical
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