It is frustrating in the current climate given the COVID-19 Pandemic and the need for personal hygiene, that today we have received two sample boxes containing food packaging waste and used PPE from clients. This has put our staff and our operations at risk.

We are currently having to sanitise and track who has had contact with the boxes. We now have to segregate this into a separate waste stream and quarantine this for 72 hours in line with guidance provided by Public Health England.

As of today we are enforcing a £250.00 charge for any such materials received. So if you are a senior leader in an environmental, geotechnical, earthworks or remediation firm please reiterate the importance to your site teams that sending waste of any type in sample cool boxes is unacceptable. But especially at this current time. For the avoidance of doubt we will charge if we receive anything other than; COC paper work, plastic wallets or the sample containers themselves. Due to the quarantine time this will also impact your holding times and samples will deviate thus impacting your projects.

Thank you for your cooperation to help protect and keep our staff safe.



Summa canisters at i2 Analytical