i2 expands number of Effective Stress Units to an impressive twenty-four!

i2 Analyticals ever growing Geotechnical department has invested in an additional six Effective Stress Units, bringing the total number of units to a very impressive twenty-four!

At i2, we are able to offer UKAS accredited testing for effective stress for; Consolidated Undrained Single stage, Multistage and Multi Specimen (CU), and Consolidated Drained Single Stage, Multistage and Multi Specimen (CD).

All of our Effective Stress Units are fully automated and can test samples from 38 mm, 70 mm and 100 mm. Our twenty-four units comprise of fifteen Effective Stress Units with Pore water Pressure Transducers up to 1000 kPa (10 bars), and nine Effective Stress Units with Pore Water Transducers up to 2000 kPa (20 bars).

For further information, please contact Darren Berrill or Maria Chandler on +44 (0)1604 705913 or email: reception@i2analytical.com

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