i2 acquires Ian Hanby dust monitoring equipment business!

i2 are delighted to announce the acquisition of the Hanby dust monitoring equipment business.

Ian Hanby has been manufacturing quality affordable dust monitoring equipment for 25 years.  Customers include Local Authorities, Consulting Engineers, Research Establishments, Public Utilities and Universities, both in the UK and abroad.

In addition to i2’s existing range of Geotechnical and Environmental services, the acquisition enables i2 to expand its integrated service offering to supply, install and the servicing of dust monitoring equipment gauges, parts, sticky pads and readers.

Ian will be working alongside i2 Analytical as a Consultant, providing support and guidance, and ensuring that requirements are met.

Terry Stafford, Site Services Manager at i2 Analytical says:
“ We are delighted to have Ian Hanby on board. The acquisition of Ian Hanby dust gauges will expand the scope of services already offered by i2. i2 will keep the legacy of Ian Hanby dust monitoring going and we look forward to the future and continual relationship with Ian.”

If you would like any further information regarding Ian Hanby dust monitoring, please contact:
tel: 01604 70593
email: info@i2hanbygauge.com

i2 Hanby Gauge Bergerhoff      i2 Hanby Gauge - Directional Dust Gauge     i2 Hanby Gauge - Sticky Pad Adaptor    i2 Hanby Gauge - Dry Foam Frisbee


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